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February 7, 2024

If you were following along with my 2024 project list, you’ll remember seeing the back entry on the short list. This is a tinier space, but I definitely underestimated its significance last year when I was updating the cozy tv room. A true bridge between the dark moody den and the bright white kitchen, this space was dying for some attention. And today that’s just what it’s going to get as I share the back entry reveal with you!


The plan

Once I figured out that what was bothering me about the space was the starkness from light to dark, I knew the answer was finding the perfect wallpaper. I needed this space to marry the light kitchen (plus the renovation of the kitchen I haven’t designed yet!) with the dark moody tv room. There was no question that once I found Vinnie Blue by Sandberg, that it was the answer.


I put together a mood board just to be sure, and added in the fun bells and whistles like the brass finishes and the trim color, which really pulled everything together. I was so confident in my design that I didn’t even order wallpaper samples, I just placed the order! I would not advise anyone to do this by the way…it is truly a roll of the dice.

The prep

Although this was a small space, there was a lot of prep work involved. Since the walls were a light cream, and I was using a dark wallpaper, it behooved me to prime the walls with a dark primer. This would ensure no seams would show in the event things weren’t 100% perfect.  And since I’m a novice installer I felt it was a safe bet they would not be perfect.

The “Before”
The Back Entry Primed with a Dark Tint

In addition to the primer, this was also the time to pain the trim. Since I was wallpapering, things didn’t need to be perfect where the trim met the wall, which meant a little less prep work. I opted to paint the baseboards, ceiling, back door and transoms Accessible Beige by Sherwin-Williams in a Semi-Gloss finish. It’s the perfect color with the lighter colors in the wallpaper and I think will blend seamlessly into the new TBD kitchen design.

The installation

Once I was done with the paint it was time to wallpaper! This was my fourth time wallpapering and in hindsight I can say it was the best thus far. The quality of this paper by Sandberg was above and beyond, which really makes all the difference. It was heavy enough not to tear while I was placing it, but also not overly stiff and was easy to manipulate as needed.


The wallpaper installation itself took about 7 hours from start to finish. I used two rolls for this project with very little scraps to spare. There was certainly a moment when I thought I was going to run out of wallpaper but luckily I was able to make it work with what I had!

Finishing touches included a new brass switch plate cover and installing the cutest little brass bumble bee door knocker on the inside of my back door. Since the door itself is so plain, I thought this would be a fun way to jazz it up.

Back Entry Reveal

I’m absolutely in love with how the back entry turned out! Now when I sit in the kitchen or the cozy room and look towards this area, it is so pleasing to look at. My eyes want to stay on it, rather than move away from it.


It is still a bit surprising to me the impact such a small space can have on the overall flow of a home, but I agree that it’s all about details. The thoughtful details of this space and how it truly connects the rooms around it through bridging colors gives a more finished feeling to my downstairs floor plan. I hope you love it just as much as I do!


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