Expert Painting Hacks, Tips & Tricks


March 13, 2024

Planning a DIY project or a remodel? When it comes to interior painting these expert painting hacks, tips & tricks will help save you time, money, paint faster & get better results. Bookmark this page and thank me later!

Expert Painting Hack #1: Baseboards

If your baseboards don’t have quarter round, you should have a slight gap in between the baseboards and your floors. Rather than tape off your flooring, you can save time by sliding a piece of acetate paper in between the baseboards and floors. Slide it with the paint brush as you paint for a smooth, no mess finish!

Expert Painting Hack #2: Avoid Cleaning Your Paint Brush

Planning on applying more than one coat of paint? If so, you can save time with clean up by wrapping your paint brush with plastic wrap. Leave a little bit of paint on the brush to keep it moist. Wrap paint brush in plastic wrap. Wrap an additional piece of plastic wrap around the base where the handle meets the body. The goal is to keep air out, which will prevent the paint from hardening. You can leave brushes wrapped for 3-5 days.


Painting Tip #3: Stretch the Life of Your Paint Rollers

If you’re painting more than one coat of paint on the walls or ceiling, you’re likely using a paint roller. You should plan on waiting at least 12 hours for your paint to dry to avoid any peeling, but you don’t necessarily need to use a new roller for each coat. Instead, wrap your paint roller in a plastic bag and tie off the end to prevent air. I usually like to wrap mine in 2 bags just to be safe.

Painting Trick #4: Skip Washing the Paint Tray

Same as your paint brush and paint roller, if you’re painting more than one coat of paint and are using a roller brush and paint tray, you can avoid clean up here too. Take a garbage bag and place paint tray inside. Twist and tie the garbage bag to prevent air from getting inside.

Expert Painting Hack #5: Get Crisp Paint Lines

Are you painting two different colors? Try this hack to get the crisp paint lines. Apply frog tape as you normally would and press firmly using a putty knife to seal off. Now before you paint the new color, you’re going to paint the base color ON TOP of the frog tape. This is going to completely seal the tape. Allow to dry and then paint your new color on top. Remove painters tape while the top coat is still wet. For a longer tutorial you can see a full blog post on this method here.


Have you tried any of these painting hacks, tips & tricks? Are there any that I missed? Sound off in the comment section below!

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