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November 8, 2023

Alright, so I’m taking the excitement I had to share the dining room progress report with you and I’m going to multiply that by ten for the dining room reveal!!! Are you ready for it? I am. I was beyond excited about how transformative the Cole & Son’s wallpaper was for this space, and we really kicked things up a notch with the Talia bubble chandelier from Visual Comfort. The room was really turning into the crown jewel of this house.


While all of that was amazing, these big changes really began to amplify that the dining room set needed a change. Or needed to be removed and replaced. You’ll recall during my dining room progress report that I just couldn’t stomach the idea of buying a new table that was going to be incredibly expensive and also very well likely not real wood. So even though this dining room transformation started out in a very non-DIY way, we’re going to roll up our sleeves for the finish line.

Table Transformation

I’ll admit it, I was incredibly nervous to refinish this table. I have limited experience with refinishing anything besides trim work, and I have absolutely no experience with wood stain. And although this dining table weighs a ton, I also wasn’t fully convinced every single piece of it was real wood (here’s looking at you, legs). So I didn’t know what I was getting myself into, but I knew I was biting off a big project with the deadline of Thanksgiving looming.

After some extensive internet sleuthing, I decided to try Retique It in the Pecan finish. Do not ask me how this stuff works, but let me just tell you: it works. With some light sanding, a bit of patience and a lot of trust, I transformed my black dining room table into a beautiful soft wood table. It seriously looks like it was custom built for this space!


If you’re curious about the process to get here, you can check out my full tutorial and tips here.

Finishing Touches

I rounded out the dining room table with some antique bentwood chairs I found on facebook marketplace (at an amazing price). I love how understated they are, as there is already so much to look at in this space. Can you believe the original blue seat covering matches the wallpaper exactly? What are the odds! I’m still on the hunt for two more chairs to add to each end of the table, but am in no hurry as I have some substitute chairs I can use as needed. If I’ve learned anything over the past several years, it’s that it’s better to wait for the right thing than rush into something that you know doesn’t work.


The blue sideboard, which I had previously and is also from facebook marketplace, tucks nicely into the corner. It is the perfect little trophy case for some very special family keepsakes from both grandmothers (and from their grandmothers!). I love being able to look at these pieces and think of them. Eventually I plan to hang a mirror above this but I’m in no rush to put holes in this wallpaper.


Before, Halfway + After


Future plans

After transforming the dining room table to the pecan finish, I do think there’s a bit much of wood on wood on wood, so I’ll be on the hunt for a rug to create some separation. Perhaps something clean with a light line or simple geometric pattern could play nicely with the floral wallpaper.

Nearing the end of the year, I’m beginning to shift focus to 2024, and have started a short list of projects both big and small I hope to complete for the house in general. One of those things is adding some millwork throughout the house and the dining room is one of those spaces. I think adding some custom trim to the lower half of the walls would really make sense for the style of this room. For now, it’s an idea living in my head, but don’t be surprised if you see an update about this next year!

The past few years open concept floors plans have been all the rage, but I’ll always be on Team Dining Room. I love the idea of defined rooms that can have their own personality and special set of memories. For me and this particular space, that includes hosting family and gathering around delicious food. I’m so thankful we have such a special place to make those kinds of memories in.

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