Introducing The New Back Entry Plans


January 22, 2024

The first project I’m checking off the 2024 project list is the back entry! While this is a small area of the house, it’s the main entry point coming up from the garage and gets a lot of foot traffic. Sometimes it’s also the first impression of the house!

While this space was not originally on my radar to beautify, I’ve recently had a change of heart while enjoying myself in the cozy tv room (especially during Christmas!). For context, the back entry is the bridge between the tv room and the kitchen.

The Current Back Entry

Last year when I color drenched the tv room a dark moody grey blue, I had to make a design decision about where to stop the dark color on the door casing that adjoins the back entry. I couldn’t wrap the dark blue paint the entire way around the trim, as the back entry is a warm cream color and the trim around all three door openings is white. I also didn’t want to paint the back entry the same dark color, as I thought that would be too jarring to walk into. In hindsight I don’t think there was a right choice. The contrast between the cozy tv room and the neutral back entry is just too vast.


The New Back Entry Plans

While I’m just starting to plan out my inspiration for the kitchen renovation (the biggest item on the 2024 project list) I can confidently say I’ll be incorporating a mix of woods, brass, beiges and creams, all of which will have a warm undertone. This is important because the back entry connects to this space.


Knowing that, I felt adding a wallpaper into the back entry that included the same dark moody grey blue, as well as some warm beiges would be the perfect bridge to the space. I’ve landed on this beautiful wallpaper by Sandberg. I love how there are two dark blues in the background of the paper, with some warm greens and pinks in the floral design. This paper will also compliment the other organic wallpaper choices I’ve made in nearby spaces like the dining room and powder room.

Sources: Brass Light Switch Plate | Wallpaper | Light | Brass Bee

Originally, I anticipated just carrying the lead grey paint color from the cozy tv room trim into the back entry. However after the wallpaper arrived and I opened it up (it truly felt like Christmas by the way) I was so drawn to the warm greens, beiges and pinks. I’m changing my plans and am going to opt for a warm beige on the trim and possible back entry way door. I think this will compliment any direction I decide to go in the kitchen and will also be a true bridge from a dark moody room to a warm collected kitchen. I’ve used Accessible Beige by Sherwin-Williams in the past and think it’s the perfect match.

Finishing Touches

I’ll top things off with a vintage light fixture similar to the ones I’ve pinned here for inspiration. I’ve just started a search on facebook marketplace and am hoping to give new life to something old. Lastly, I’ll change out the light switch plate to a brass finish.

I’m still deciding on which color to paint the ceiling, but I know it will be changing from it’s current white to either the dark Lead Grey (cozy tv room) or Accessible Beige (the new trim color). What do you think?

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