Choosing Your Perfect Rub N Buff Gold: Collection & Color Guide


April 15, 2024

Have you ever used Rub N Buff? If you’re not familiar, it’s a metallic paint used for arts, crafts and restoration. It can be used on anything from picture frames to furniture, and can help breathe new life into an old piece or customize something that’s not quite to your liking. The Rub N Buff collection comes in a variety of colors which is great but I’ll admit, it can be a bit overwhelming. Today I’m sharing an overview of the Rub N Buff gold collection & color guide which will hopefully help you narrow down your options.

The Rub N Buff Gold Collection

Antique Gold: The Timeless Touch

Let’s begin with the ever-popular Antique Gold. This warm, inviting hue is a fantastic choice for achieving that classic, timeworn look on furniture or frames. Think of it as an aged gold, perfect for projects with a touch of vintage charm.

Autumn Gold: A Rich, Earthy Shimmer

Craving something a little more unexpected? Autumn Gold might be your perfect match. This radiant shade leans towards a coppery warmth, with hints of red peeking through the golden sheen. It’s a beautiful way to introduce warmth and depth into your design scheme. Imagine it accenting a dark wood table or adding a touch of fiery elegance to a picture frame.

European Gold: A Subtle Sophistication

If understated luxury is your aesthetic, then European Gold is calling your name. This cool-toned gold boasts a subtle champagne nuance, making it ideal for projects where you want a hint of gold without overwhelming shine. It pairs exceptionally well with lighter colors and clean lines, lending a touch of Parisian chic to your space.

Gold Leaf: The Classic Gleam

For those who love the radiance of pure gold, look no further than Gold Leaf. This bright and bold shade offers a rich, brassy gleam that instantly elevates any surface. It’s ideal for adding a touch of drama to a room or highlighting decorative details on furniture or millwork.

Grecian Gold: The Dark and Mysterious

Grecian Gold is a deep, bronzy gold with a hint of warmth. It would work wonders on dramatic furniture pieces or as an accent on picture frames or decorative objects.

Choosing Your Perfect Rub N Buff Gold

So, which Rub N Buff gold is right for you? Consider the overall tone of your space and the feeling you want to evoke. Remember, with Rub N Buff, a little goes a long way. You can always build up the intensity for a more dramatic effect. Don’t be afraid to experiment on a hidden surface before committing to your final design. If you’re still not sure, you can buy the Rub N Buff Gold Sampler Pack.

Pro Tip: Rub N Buff can be buffed to a high shine or left more muted for a softer effect. This allows you to further customize the final look to suit your taste.

With its easy application and wide range of colors, Rub N Buff golds open up a world of design possibilities. So, don’t be afraid to test out different colors and even mix & match!

Rub N Buff Gold In My House

So why have I shared all this? Well recently I was on the hunt for a little side table to put next to my clawfoot tub in the primary bathroom. The Visual Comfort Martini Table I really wanted was a bit out of my price range at $479. However I was determined to recreate the look for less and found a similar option on Amazon for only $60. The only downside was it was black instead of brass (the brass was indefinitely sold out).

Being unsure about which Rub N Buff Gold to use on my own table, I purchased the sampler kit and tested out all the options. In the end I went with European Gold with Gold Leaf lightly rubbed on top. I was able to achieve the look for less and saved $400 thanks to Rub N Buff. What do you think? Would you try this?

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