Designing The TV Room: Color Drenching

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September 6, 2023

The initial refresh I did in the TV Room (aka the Cozy Room) was exactly what it needed to make the space feel updated on a limited budget. However the more time I spent in it, the more it didn’t quite feel right. My main sentiment was that it still felt too bright for a movie room, but I was coming up empty on a design solution.

One day I was lying on the couch reading and happened to be facing the built in bookshelves. The angle allowed me to see only the oatmeal colored couch and burnt orange pillows against the all blue grey wall. And well, after that I couldn’t get it out of my head. I knew I had found my answer: this room was destined to be color drenched!

What Is Color Drenching?

Color Drenching is when you paint the entire room – walls, ceiling, trim, windows – all the same color. I bet you’ve seen it and didn’t even realize it. Lately I’ve noticed it popping into several TV series. If you’ve seen Emily In Paris, you’ll notice the French interiors in the show are color drenched in beautiful blues and lavenders. Showtime’s “Your Honor” has scenes from The Baxter Hotel which show a deep blue room that’s completely color drenched. The more I kept seeing it, the more I couldn’t stop thinking about it.

Image credit: Stéphanie Branchu / Netflix

Phase 2

Knowing this room was about to go from day to night, I set out to start building a moodboard with a mix of old and new. The more I started to design, the more excited I became to add in accent pieces that will make the room feel more cohesive, while adding plenty of drama and a touch of masculinity. The centerpiece will be this beautiful gold chandelier, which will really pop against the new dark ceiling. I’ll anchor it by repurposing my Primrose Mirror above the fireplace, and will flank it with candlesticks.

click for cozy room moodboard

There are obviously (and thankfully) a lot of elements that are staying the same. The sectional couch, the coffee table, the blankets, tripod lamp and the vintage desk chair will all fold into the new design seamlessly.

 Lastly, I’ll add a couple more lighting sources to the room that will compliment the ambience I’m trying to create, but will also provide a source of light when needed. I’m currently on the hunt for a brass task lamp to add to the built in desk for a pop of gold, as well as this double arm floor lamp for the back corner. I also have my sights set on adding a brass art lamp on the back wall of the room and am loving this battery powered one. I’ll be able to avoid needing to hard wire it, and if I change my mind about it’s location (as I tend to do) it won’t matter. I’m also planning to incorporate some plaid into the room and am currently browsing tons of options like these plaid pillows.

I think it’s going to be the perfect style for the space and I can’t wait to see this room really come to life for what I hope will be the final time! And then we can watch movies in it.

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  1. Rod Skiff says:

    Like the colors

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