Unwrapping the Holidays: Christmas Storage and Organization


January 8, 2024

If you’re like me, Christmas decorations are magical during the weeks leading up to Christmas, but something happens shortly after December 25th. I feel like I need everything packed up in order to have a fresh start for the New Year. This year I really upgraded my Christmas décor, and that means it’s time to update my Christmas storage and organization. Follow along as I share my best tips and tricks to keep everything tidy and ready to go for next season!

Proper Christmas Storage Systems: Bins and Bags

First things first, ditch the cardboard boxes. Invest in sturdy, stackable bins or fabric bags. Clear ones let you see what’s inside (no more rummaging for the tree topper), while opaque ones are perfect for hiding sentimental treasures that might stay tucked away.



Fragile baubles deserve a spa day, not a landfill. Line compartmentalized bins with tissue paper or bubble wrap, and nestle your ornaments inside. Pro tip: sort by theme or color for next year’s decorating breeze. Don’t have fancy bins? No worries! Repurpose cardboard egg cartons or shoeboxes – just be gentle!

For less fragile ornaments, utilize clear plastic totes with lids. If you have a lot of ornaments, create a bin for each color to stay even more organized.



No Christmas is complete without a swanky garland, but storing them can get overwhelming. Here are two genius hacks to keep your garlands gleaming:

  • Coil and Conquer: Gently coil your garland and secure it with twist ties or ribbon. Place garlands in a wreath storage bag with an interior clip for extra protection. This method is perfect for artificial garlands or those made with delicate materials.
  • Hang it High: If you have the space, hanging your garlands is a fantastic option. You can use sturdy hooks or nails in your garage, attic, or even a closet. Just be sure to cover them in fabric bags to keep dust and pests at bay.



Wreaths add a touch of festive cheer to any door, but storing them can be tricky. Here’s a tip to keep your wreaths looking their best:

Similar to garlands, invest in heavy duty wreath bags to properly protect wreaths. Hang wreath bags on a hook to keep wreaths off the floor and prevent them from being smooshed.

Holiday Dishes

With holiday dishes usually only seeing the light of day for one month out of the year, I don’t like to waste precious kitchen real estate on them. I carefully wrap each piece of dish ware in bubble wrap and with holiday towels, then store in a large clear tote with a lid. This particular tote stays on the floor of the closet as it’s so heavy.

Christmas Tree(s)

Artificial trees? Disassemble them like a pro, wrap branches in paper or fabric, and secure them in their original box or in a heavy duty tree bag. Real tree needles? Vacuum like your life depends on it, then invest in a sturdy tree bag for next year’s shedding extravaganza.

Can you believe everything on the left fit on the right?!

Remember, Christmas storage and organization is not about perfection, it’s about sanity. This is about making next year’s decorating a joy, not a chore. So invest in the clear bins, grab some pretty labels, and spend the time organizing your items. It will make decorating for the next Christmas a truly joyful experience!

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