Deck the Halls: Your Guide to Choosing the perfect Christmas Tree


December 4, 2023

Let’s be honest, choosing the perfect Christmas tree can be overwhelming and sometimes you can be paralyzed by all the decisions that go into it. I should know, I just went through it this year! But I’m here to tell you it doesn’t need to be difficult. Today I’m sharing all of the things I considered before buying my new tree(s). Follow along and no matter your home size or style, I have everything you need to consider for choosing the perfect Christmas tree.

Real vs. Artificial:

The age-old debate. Real trees are undeniably magical: that piney scent, the fresh-cut sap, the Charlie Brown-esque hunt in the lot. But let’s be real, they’re also messy, high-maintenance divas that drop needles like confetti and leave you vacuuming tinsel till February.

Enter the artificial tree – the ever-loyal, low-maintenance old faithful. No shedding, no watering, just effortless Christmas cheer year after year. But can they really capture the magic?

Well, I’m here to tell you they can. This year, I snagged two artificial stunners that are basically the Beyonce and Jay-Z of Christmas trees:

  • 7.5′ Flocked Vickerman: Now, this one’s a showstopper. Picture a winter wonderland straight out of Narnia, dusted in the most glorious faux snow. It’s like having a silent disco in your living room – all the sparkle, none of the sticky glitter aftermath.
  • 7′ Balsam Hill Sanibel Spruce: This beauty is the epitome of classic Christmas. Lush, full branches, a perfectly symmetrical cone shape, and space in between the branches to go deep with ornaments. It’s like having a perfectly coiffed tree in your living room, minus the demands of keeping it alive.

Green vs. Flocked:

See, this is where things get personal. Are you a minimalist Scandinavian kinda person? Go green – it’s clean, classic, and pairs well with pops of color. But if you’re all about the maximalist Martha Stewart life, flocked is your jam. It’s instant winter wonderland, perfect for piling on ornaments and twinkling lights.

Full vs. Thin:

Full trees are the crown jewel of the bunch: bold, voluminous, and ready to command attention. They’re perfect for grand spaces and statement decor. But if your living room is more of a cozy nook, a thinner tree is your soulmate. It won’t overpower the space and lets your ornaments shine.

Height Matters (But Not Always):

Ceiling height is key: measure, measure, measure! But don’t be afraid to think outside the box. A towering tree in a small space can be dramatic and whimsical. And a mini tree on a pedestal? Instant chic.

The final Verdict on choosing the perfect Christmas Tree

There’s no one-size-fits-all answer. It’s all about your personal aesthetic and lifestyle. Embrace the artificial revolution or stick to your real tree roots. Go full-on Extra with a flocked masterpiece or keep it classic with a timeless green. Just remember, choosing the perfect Christmas tree means picking the one that makes your heart sing when you turn on the lights.

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