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How I Designed Custom Trim In My Primary Bedroom

A couple months ago when I installed picture frame molding in the dining room, I had a sneaking suspicion that it was going to be addicting. I just didn’t know how addicting! All of a sudden, I wanted it in every room in the house. However, I’m a firm believer that there can be too […]

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I’m Allison.
Design obsessed and self-taught DIYer, I'm so excited to share my journey with you, and be a source of inspiration as well as a resource.
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I’ve been itching to tackle my next big project for what feels like forever. While yes we’ve made some progress with the 2024 project list (hello back entry flip and dining room molding) there are some big spaces that have been calling my name. If you follow along in my monthly newsletter, you’re up to […]

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antique spittoon

For an interior designer, the thrill of discovering a unique antique piece adds layers of history and character to any space. But navigating the world of antiques can be overwhelming, especially for newcomers. I should know: I’ve had some fantastic wins (specifically with my dining chairs) and I’ve also walked out empty handed. Today, we’ll […]

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When I bought this house in 2018, it came with 11 ceiling fans. ELEVEN! No offense against ceiling fans, but that really seemed like such a wasted opportunity to me. You see, I view light fixtures as artwork. They are the true jewelry of a room and in most instances, the only thing adorning your […]

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On a recent trip to my favorite local antique store, I found myself reflecting on the moment when I stumbled across my current kitchen chairs. It was truly love at first sight: they had vintage flair and I knew they’d strike the perfect balance with my new round fluted table. But there was one problem: […]

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If you were following along with my 2024 project list, you’ll remember seeing the back entry on the short list. This is a tinier space, but I definitely underestimated its significance last year when I was updating the cozy tv room. A true bridge between the dark moody den and the bright white kitchen, this […]

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Last year I color drenched the cozy tv room a dark moody blue grey, and it’s been one of my favorite spaces to date. I remember when I first shared the concept of color-drenched rooms with some family and friends, I made heads turn (and not in a good way!). People thought I had officially […]

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One of the best designs a primary bathroom can have is a separate toilet room and I’m lucky enough to have inherited one. While I immediately went to work renovating the primary bathroom within the first month of closing on the house, I’ll admit that the toilet room was an afterthought. Now with a few […]

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I’ll be the first one to admit it: styling the perfect bookshelf is a lot harder than it looks. Flip through any magazine or take a scroll through Instagram, and the shelfies will look almost effortlessly designed. I can promise you that is not the case whatsoever and each shelf you aspire to create was […]

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The first project I’m checking off the 2024 project list is the back entry! While this is a small area of the house, it’s the main entry point coming up from the garage and gets a lot of foot traffic. Sometimes it’s also the first impression of the house! While this space was not originally […]

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