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I'm Allison: serial DIYer, wallpaper enthusiast & lover of all things home. Join me for DIY tutorials, design how-tos and links to all my sources as I share the renovation of my traditional brick home in Nashville, TN. I hope to inspire & motivate you to make your house a home. 

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How to Clean and Seal Your Copper Treasures

Copper! It’s the metal that adds warmth, character, and a touch of timeless elegance to our homes. From gleaming pots and pans to stunning hammered sinks, copper elevates everyday objects into design statements. Recently I found a beautiful copper wine cooler at an estate sale, but it definitely needed a little TLC. Being my first […]

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I’ve been itching to tackle my next big project for what feels like forever. While yes we’ve made some progress with the 2024 project list (hello back entry flip and dining room molding) there are some big spaces that have been calling my name. If you follow along in my monthly newsletter, you’re up to […]

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click to learn what to bring to an estate sale

Thinking about hitting a local estate sale? I absolutely recommend it! Estate sales are a fantastic way to find upscale pieces at bargain prices, and they offer a thrilling sense of adventure. Whether it’s your first time or you’re a regular on the circuit, knowing what to bring to an estate sale can make or […]

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Summer is right around the corner and for many of us that means vacations, busy schedules and longer days. One of my favorite grab-and-go snacks to have on hand are these no bake energy ball bites. With only 5 ingredients and no oven time, they’re a breeze to put together and make for a healthy […]

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Late last year I found myself going to a handful of estate sales, all in the hopes of finding some Shiny Brite vintage ornaments for my Christmas tree. While I was able to find a handful of ornaments, I also found something else: the power of estate sales. You see, estate sales can help you […]

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Have you ever bumped into an object and instantly craved to know its history, find similar styles, or even translate that fancy French label on the back? Well, fret no more! Google Lens is here to be your visual search companion, a digital magnifying glass that unlocks a world of information right through your phone’s […]

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Although we’re in the month of April, I feel like it’s Christmas because I’m THAT excited to share the reveal of the DIY picture frame molding in the dining room. This is a project that is on the 2024 project list but has also been on my mind since I moved into this house. I […]

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Have you ever used Rub N Buff? If you’re not familiar, it’s a metallic paint used for arts, crafts and restoration. It can be used on anything from picture frames to furniture, and can help breathe new life into an old piece or customize something that’s not quite to your liking. The Rub N Buff […]

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click-for-the ultimate-guide-to-buying-vintage-furniture-secondhand

As of recently, I’ve been growing more and more obsessed with incorporating vintage finds into my designs. Not only does it add a layer of unique character, but it’s also way more sustainable than buying brand new. While looking for antique trinkets is one thing, hunting for hidden gems such as vintage furniture secondhand is […]

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Planning a DIY project or a remodel? When it comes to interior painting these expert painting hacks, tips & tricks will help save you time, money, paint faster & get better results. Bookmark this page and thank me later! Expert Painting Hack #1: Baseboards If your baseboards don’t have quarter round, you should have a […]

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Today I’m thrilled to share what is quite possibly my most favorite space in my house: my walk-in closet! Or as I like to refer to it: my dressing room. This is what Carrie Bradshaw’s dreams are made of. A closet reminiscent of Cher’s closet on Clueless (minus the computer but maybe I’ll work on […]

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antique spittoon

For an interior designer, the thrill of discovering a unique antique piece adds layers of history and character to any space. But navigating the world of antiques can be overwhelming, especially for newcomers. I should know: I’ve had some fantastic wins (specifically with my dining chairs) and I’ve also walked out empty handed. Today, we’ll […]

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Wallpaper is a powerful design tool, capable of injecting personality and drama into any space. After wallpapering four different spaces in my house (the dining room, back entry, powder room and toilet room) I have one main takeaway to share. Meticulous wall preparation is crucial. When done correctly, it will make your installation a breeze […]

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When I bought this house in 2018, it came with 11 ceiling fans. ELEVEN! No offense against ceiling fans, but that really seemed like such a wasted opportunity to me. You see, I view light fixtures as artwork. They are the true jewelry of a room and in most instances, the only thing adorning your […]

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On a recent trip to my favorite local antique store, I found myself reflecting on the moment when I stumbled across my current kitchen chairs. It was truly love at first sight: they had vintage flair and I knew they’d strike the perfect balance with my new round fluted table. But there was one problem: […]

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Happy Valentine’s Day! Who doesn’t love an excuse for a sweet treat?! Whether you’re celebrating as a couple, with your best gal pals or are declaring it a party of 1, these mini molten red velvet cakes are the perfect way to be a little festive. Single servings, easy to make and beyond impressive to […]

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For me, the journey of transforming my house truly started with a paint brush. While I’ve been painting for decades at this point, it wasn’t until recently that I decided to paint the trim between the cozy room and back entry two different contrasting colors. With that decision, came learning how to get razor-sharp crisp […]

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If you were following along with my 2024 project list, you’ll remember seeing the back entry on the short list. This is a tinier space, but I definitely underestimated its significance last year when I was updating the cozy tv room. A true bridge between the dark moody den and the bright white kitchen, this […]

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Last year I color drenched the cozy tv room a dark moody blue grey, and it’s been one of my favorite spaces to date. I remember when I first shared the concept of color-drenched rooms with some family and friends, I made heads turn (and not in a good way!). People thought I had officially […]

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Lately we’ve been covering a lot of ground in our painting series, and have covered a wide range of topics. From the best painting supplies, to how to choose the right type of paint, and how to paint walls, ceilings and trim. Before we go any further, I thought we should quickly touch on the […]

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One of the best designs a primary bathroom can have is a separate toilet room and I’m lucky enough to have inherited one. While I immediately went to work renovating the primary bathroom within the first month of closing on the house, I’ll admit that the toilet room was an afterthought. Now with a few […]

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I’ll be the first one to admit it: styling the perfect bookshelf is a lot harder than it looks. Flip through any magazine or take a scroll through Instagram, and the shelfies will look almost effortlessly designed. I can promise you that is not the case whatsoever and each shelf you aspire to create was […]

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The first project I’m checking off the 2024 project list is the back entry! While this is a small area of the house, it’s the main entry point coming up from the garage and gets a lot of foot traffic. Sometimes it’s also the first impression of the house! While this space was not originally […]

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click for healthy chili recipe

Cold nights call for warm soups, and this homemade healthy chili recipe is one of my favorite soups to make. It’s a one pot meal with clean ingredients and provides ample leftovers. Grab your favorite pot and get ready to have some cozy soup nights. Healthy Chili Recipe Ingredients: Sources: Serving Bowls Cooking Instructions Brown […]

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Today we’re taking a jaunt down memory lane, as I share the one of the first things I decided to do after buying this house: a primary bathroom renovation. There’s nothing quite like biting off more than you can chew, and I can say I confidently achieved that by renovating the primary bathroom with little […]

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It’s funny how cyclical life can be sometimes. Every year, I get so excited about the holidays for many reasons, but deep down I think I’m welcoming a break from renovating and DIY-ing. I’ve always made myself stop house projects to enjoy the holidays with family, savor the holiday décor and get out of the […]

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If you’re like me, Christmas decorations are magical during the weeks leading up to Christmas, but something happens shortly after December 25th. I feel like I need everything packed up in order to have a fresh start for the New Year. This year I really upgraded my Christmas décor, and that means it’s time to […]

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As we turn the page to 2024, I’m sharing my predictions for the top home decor trends and interior design styles we should expect to see more and more of. These themes will spill into all facets of home, from decorating inspiration to kitchen and bathroom designs. Based on what I’ve observed coming out of […]

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These homemade cinnamon rolls are soft, fluffy and are topped with a gooey cream cheese icing. They rival a Cinnabon and for good reason: I spent months tweaking and perfecting the recipe. Through some trial and error, I’m happy to share the final recipe with you today, as well as some tips and tricks that […]

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2023 christmas decor

As we inch closer and closer to Christmas Day, I’m soaking up every moment of enjoying the Christmas decorations around my house. The house has seen some big updates this year, most notably the hardwood floors and staircase, so I felt it was only fitting to spring for some new Christmas décor this season. Follow […]

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There are two types of people in this world: those who are excited to buy gifts for others and those who don’t know where to start. I fall into the former category myself, which is why it’s so fun for me to put together holiday gift guides. Whether you need one more item to finish […]

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Last week, I shared I upgraded my holiday garland this year and I took you along for the ride on how I styled my staircase with the Norfolk pine real touch garland. We’re going to keep the garland theme and move onto the fireplace mantles. That’s right, fireplace mantles as in more than one! Since […]

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What’s better than decorating your mantel for Christmas? Decorating two mantels! Yes that’s right, I am lucky enough to have two working fireplaces in this house, which was one of things that hooked me from the beginning. Last week, I shared my symmetrical draped look in the cozy tv den. To keep things interesting, I […]

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Let’s be honest, choosing the perfect Christmas tree can be overwhelming and sometimes you can be paralyzed by all the decisions that go into it. I should know, I just went through it this year! But I’m here to tell you it doesn’t need to be difficult. Today I’m sharing all of the things I […]

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If you’ve been following along, it will come to no surprise to you that I’ve decided to reward myself with some new holiday garland this year. After enduring the messiest renovation with new hardwood floors and a new staircase to boot, I’m ready to show it all off. I decided to splurge on Afloral’s Norfolk […]

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Happy Thanksgiving! As I’ve gotten older, Thanksgiving has inched its way to the top of the list as my favorite holiday. I love having the opportunity to spend quality time with my family and being able genuinely enjoy the long weekend. It feels slow, intentional, and warm. This year has been difficult in many ways. […]

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Today I’m sharing something I wish I would have done years ago: protecting my leather sofa. My beautiful camel colored leather couch from West Elm was delivered the week I closed on my house and unfortunately there was so much chaos that I never got around to properly protecting it. Had I done so, I […]

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While I’m no stranger to hosting Thanksgiving, this will be my first time hosting both sides of the family which I’m very excited about. I love to cook, and especially love the excuse to make recipes I don’t get to make every day. Plus there’s just something special about those Thanksgiving staples like my mom’s […]

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With all the updates to the house this year, especially the floors and staircase, I decided this would be the year I would splurge on some new holiday garland. Ever since last year, I have been eyeing the Norfolk Pine garland and I finally decided to “add to cart” this holiday. I’ll admit, it was […]

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Alright, so I’m taking the excitement I had to share the dining room progress report with you and I’m going to multiply that by ten for the dining room reveal!!! Are you ready for it? I am. I was beyond excited about how transformative the Cole & Son’s wallpaper was for this space, and we […]

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The dining room flip has been one of my most exciting projects to date in this house, however I truly reached a sticking point when it came time to make decisions about the furniture. If you remember, I got a bit tripped up with the design plans for the dining room because of this black […]

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I am beyond excited to share a dining room progress report with you today, as it’s turning out even better than I had ever dreamed! Last week I shared how my initial vision for the dining room did not pan out as I originally planned, but I trusted the process and kept designing until I […]

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click to learn how to paint trim

Today, I’ve got a fantastic project that will instantly elevate the look of your space: painting interior trim. Whether you’re a seasoned DIY pro or just starting your home improvement journey, this step-by-step guide will help you achieve a polished and professional finish. Let’s dive in! Why Paint Your Interior Trim? Before we get our […]

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When I bought my first house in 2011, I truly wish it would have come with a checklist of things I needed to do each year, and during each season. As with most things, I learned by doing (and failing!). Sometimes this was frustrating, and other times this was expensive. In an effort to help […]

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Just in time for the Thanksgiving holiday, the dining room is about to have the makeover she deserves. This room has been a slow progression, and honestly I wouldn’t have it any other way. While I’ve already finalized much of the design for this space, I want to bring you behind the scenes and share […]

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click to learn how to paint a ceiling tips tricks

This one’s for my DIY enthusiasts! Today, we’re diving into a topic that often gets overlooked in the world of home renovation and design: ceiling painting. Sure, we all love a beautifully painted wall, but what about the fifth wall—the ceiling? Trust me, it’s a game-changer when done right. So, grab your paintbrushes and let’s […]

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click to learn about more about the white oak staircase renovation

Tom Petty once said the waiting is the hardest part. Well Tom, you were right. If you remember, I shared I’d be doing my hardwood flooring installation in phases. Due to the kitchen leak, we knocked out the downstairs first, then scheduled the upstairs second. With how I live in the house, I really use […]

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how to paint a wall

Are you ready to paint?! Follow along below as I guide you through how to paint a wall like a professional. Speaking of professionals, I’ll share the cost savings you can anticipate by choosing to DIY this project. Get excited – we’re about to transform your space! Getting Set Up After you’ve decided on your […]

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As the temperatures in Nashville begin to cool down, and the days become shorter, I’ve gradually started adding fall décor touches from the inside out. It is truly my favorite season of the year – the color palette, the smells, the crisp air, the food, sweater weather and all around general coziness. And something I’ve […]

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click for powder room before and after

Reveal days are my favorite days! I’m so excited about how the powder room redesign turned out and I’m even more excited to share the full room reveal with you today. How we got here If you remember, I realized the pedestal sink wasn’t properly secured to the powder room wall, and after calling my […]

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click for dramatic sweeping staircase

If you’ve been following along, you’ll recall that I opted to complete my new hardwood flooring installation in phases. In phase one I knocked out the downstairs flooring first, which is where the water leak happened (it was kinda urgent). Now that we have that out of the way, we can focus on the staircase […]

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A couple weeks ago I shared my vision for the Powder Room Makeover, including three moodboards – all featuring different wallpaper designs. In addition to the moodboards, I ordered samples of each which helped narrow down the decision between Moodboard #2 and Moodboard #3. In the end, I decided to move forward with Woodchip & […]

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Today, we’re going to focus on the research portion of painting, which includes how to choose the right paint sheen for your project. We’ll also dive into some things to think about when choosing a color, plus different types of paint. Which Paint Sheen Is Right For Your Project? Picking the right paint sheen (also […]

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click to learn how to arrange faux fall stems

There’s nothing quite like a gorgeous autumn flower arrangement. The colors are rich but not overpowering, and they blend into the background while still making a statement. If you’re like me, you’ve probably seen a stunning image of one of these autumn arrangements in a catalogue or on social media, and you’ve thought to yourself […]

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gold leaf chandelier reflected in primrose mirror

I’ve been daydreaming about a moody dramatic tv room, and it’s official – I think this iteration of the TV Room is “the one”! There are still a few tiny details I need to finish such as putting a medallion above the gold leaf chandelier, changing out the electrical sockets to be black and eventually […]

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click for faux fall stem ideas

This year I’m making a few updates to my fall decor, and since it’s a bit too hot out to start placing pumpkins, I’m starting from the inside and working my way out. I love bringing some simple accent pieces into my house, especially ones that I know will stand the test of time with […]

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Recently, I noticed that the pedestal sink in the powder room was wobbly, and after further investigation I realized it wasn’t connected to the wall! After calling the plumber we came to the unfortunate truth that the sink wasn’t connected to any studs in the wall, but was simply drilled into drywall. The plumber had […]

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hardwood flooring reveal

In the five years I’ve lived in this house, I can confidently say that the new hardwood floors are the biggest transformation to date. I’m so excited to share the final reveal with you today! The first morning I padded across the new floors in my bare feet, I giggled because it was the first […]

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click for cozy room moodboard

The initial refresh I did in the TV Room (aka the Cozy Room) was exactly what it needed to make the space feel updated on a limited budget. However the more time I spent in it, the more it didn’t quite feel right. My main sentiment was that it still felt too bright for a […]

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white oak plank paired against swiss coffee painted walls

If you’ve been following along, you’re up to speed on how a small leak has changed my entire house (seemingly overnight). After I had a minute to process what was happening and just how much damage it caused, I decided to lean into the situation and look at it as a blessing. In truth I’ve […]

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Yes, I bought a house with popcorn ceilings and yes I scraped every square inch of them off, all by myself. 3,222 square feet to be exact. When I bought this house, there was no question that these ceilings were going to get fixed, but it was something I planned to hire out for. I […]

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Creating a quick refresh for the tv room on a limited budget. Painting the built-ins, choosing a new wall color and swapping out the light fixture.

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It all started with a glass of Cabernet and an innocent scroll through Zillow. Four months later I was scraping off 3,222 square feet of popcorn ceilings. By.My.Self.

That particular DIY project taught me two important lessons:
1. I’ll never buy a house with popcorn ceilings again.
2. I’m capable of more than I realized.

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